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Specialty Contact Lenses

Texas State Optical – Stone Oak are experts contact lens practitioner with over 25 years of experience fitting patients with difficult eye problems. These include keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, corneal transplants, intacts, collagen cross-linking and post-refractive LASIK, PRK and RK surgeries.

She utilizes numerous types of contact lenses to give her patients the best comfort, vision and eye health. Synergeyes hybrid lenses have a rigid gas permeable center and a soft contact lens surround. This gives the advantage of both types of lenses: the great vision of a rigid gas permeable and the comfort of a soft contact lens. Depending on your specific needs Synergeyes ClearKone, Duette, UltraHealth or Duette Multifocal lenses may be prescribed.

We fit numerous scleral contact lens designs which are a rigid gas permeable lens that vault completely over the cornea and touch only the sclera (the white part) of the eye. Together with a local contact lens manufacturer that comes to her office she designs the best custom fit scleral lenses just for you! She has incredible success with these lenses providing all day comfort and excellent vision for patients.

Some patients require custom rigid gas permeable lenses designed specifically to fit their eye for the above conditions. These are an older design which we have fit for many years. The doctors at Texas State Optical Stone Oak take utmost care in finding the best solution for each patient and have a very successful specialty contact lens practice through patient referrals.

Numerous vision plans have a Medically Necessary contact lens rider which can be utilized for both the professional fitting charges and the contact lenses themselves. Texas State Optical Stone Oak researches your plan’s coverage and takes care of all the billing for you.

We see patients from South Texas, Mexico and The Hill Country, make an appointment today!

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We are making special arrangements with the current public health concerns. When you call TSO Stone Oak, we will space your appointment time to be mindful of social distancing and your personal comfort.

TSO Stone Oak is here for your vision care. We are aware of your concerns and are taking extra precautionary action for your protection and safety. We carefully sanitize all surfaces, including equipment, frames and supplies, frame boards, desks, and keyboards.

When you schedule your eye exam appointment, you can have the extra confidence that you will be safe and comfortable at Texas State Optical.

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Welcome to Texas State Optical Stone Oak

Welcome to Texas State Optical Stone Oak

Welcome to Texas State Optical Stone Oak